Our objectives is related to Zoonotic diseases

Due to recent events, several of the objectives of this page are becoming more relevant. A feature to distinguish our objectives is related to Zoonotic diseases. Several reports have appeared that make emphasis in the fact, that most virus diseases that affect the human population come from animals. One report estimates that ¾ of new human diseases come from animals.

Human development by clearing land, building roads and excavating mines is destroying the natural habitats of wild animals, bringing them closer to livestock and to humans. On the other hand, 80 billion land animals are slaughter for meat in the world. Most of those are in factory farms in difficult conditions of crowding, making them prone to incubate viruses and other bacteria. This in turn encourage the spread of diseases that get more virulent and more likely to turn into epidemics or pandemics.

Crowding of meat animals are also ground for appearance of more resistant bacteria and widespread human infections. Bacteria than can survive antibiotics, become highly potent and affect the human population. According to CDC of the United States 35,000 people die there every year from antibiotic resistant bacteria.

Another factor that increase the contact between wild animals and the human population is the climate change, which is forcing animals out of their habitat. Those changes move animals from temperate climates to tropical conditions, now subjected to warmer weathers. The changes in habitat make dormant diseases to appear, diseases for which the human population does not have any immunity against.
It is time for the whole world to better appreciate the importance of zoonotic diseases. The health situation of human congregations is at stake.
Sources: CDC, CNN.

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